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Sunday 19 June 2016

Time for Wine upcycled prosecco bottle using DecoArt Media products

I wanted to make an entry using an empty bottle for Andy Skinner's Time blog challenge. 

As it was my birthday at the beginning of June I decided I should begin working on this challenge by opening, and eventually finishing (with friends possibly) a bottle of my fav prosecco.

As a precaution I thought it best to have two of the bossls..(that was a joke, I'm not really squiffy!).  This was just to see which colours I liked best.
First step was a coat of DecoArt Gesso. I then used some 'plaster moulding roll' from Hobbycrafts to give a lovely textured base (bit messy but fun). Then I went wild with Media Fluid Acrylics.
I ran out of time to finish both (today is the deadline for the blog challange!!) so decided to go with the vibrant orange.
As well as the lush paints, I used die cuts, words printed on the computer, (sprayed with DecoArt varnish so they wouldn't smudge when I used the decoupage glue), and Andy's Steampunk stamps onto tissue paper.  And again I used decoupage glue to stick 'em on.
Metallic lustres were added to the die cuts, random areas of the bottle and to bits of the tissue paper that didn't go completely clear. Stuck a feather in the top and some jewellery scraps and there you have it!
Any questions please leave a comment and I'll get back to you.