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Sunday 21 September 2014

Upcycled paper bag

 For this weeks project I decided to upcyle a plain brown paper bag (courtesy of the local Chinese take-away!!). It was the prefect size to put some parchment magazines in which I'd bought for my Aunts 97 year old mother, who still makes all her own cards and goes to her painting club on a Friday morning. Oh I hope I can do that at 97!!!
I added a piece of white A4 card which I'd spritzed with Brazil Nut spray ink then torn around the edges. I die cut the words using my Cricut Mini and sprayed them with my three main colours of Brazil Nut, Citrus Yellow then Paris Pink. 

 I then used the yellow and pink sprays on some old  'brief tape' (used in the old days to wrap the 'paper briefs' given to Advocates in the Crown Court. This was given to me years ago by a friend who worked for a Solicitors, but due to its course nature, off white colour and floppy texture I'd never used it. Now I've found how well it took the spray inks I'll be using it lots! I used it to make the bow, decorate the handles and as a band of colour under the sunflowers. Little hint here is to use the yellow first. This gives a better orange and prevents any being bright pink which I didn't want for the Autumnal Challenge - but will love for another time!

Perfect fit for the parchement mags!
 The sunflowers were stamped and embossed with the Copper Detailed Embossing Powder onto yellow card, then I just used a watercolour brush to again add a mixture of the sprays to colour. I didn't use the paper in the pic above with the orange/ yellow ribbon - that was just to show how you can create a beautiful bit of coloured card by soaking up the sprays from the ribbon. So no wasted colours! Have fun, Suz xxx

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