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I'm a complete craft addict! I have a small business called Surrey Crafts teaching craft workshops from my studio in Esher, Surrey and at venues around the country. I teach mixed media, decorative painting, card making and papercrafts, jewellery making and creative embroidery classes. If you'd like to find out more just leave a comment, or take a look at my other social media pages:
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Friday 8 March 2013

Lots of crafty play in the last few days with some old favourites: Wednesday afternoon it was shrink plastic, die cut then coloured with alcohol inks and Promarkers. Yesterday it was salt dough which was an experience: I stamped into some and used shape cutters for some. Lessons learnt: 1. you need a deeply etched stamp as the images sink a bit during drying, 2. if placing on a rack to dry make sure it is a fine mesh ie with the wires not too large of far apart (mine was not and the images I placed have lost shape as they sank between the metal wires of the grill). 3. Don't make too much - it gets boring and now I've got three trays of shapes to store during drying and to decorate after, and I still have two batches of dough I didn't use!!!

Please note the picture on my mug of tea!


  1. hi hun, yep, answering your Q.. they are hand-drawn with a size 0.5 nib... Micro pen I think it is called, permanent too... and yes, go for it, it is a good edger for all kinds of stuff :) Good luck with the fundraiser x

    1. Thanks so much Hels. Fundraiser was great, raised £81 and had a real laugh! Going to let the girls have a bash at this at my next workshop. Glad your workshop went well in Southampton, and that you got there/back ok - wish I could have been there, but maybe next time! Suz xx