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Friday, 11 September 2015

From tatty storage box to pretty bathroom furniture

We've had this storage box for many years and it had almost become invisible.  But now I'm addicted to upcycling with DecoArt paints I find myself hunting around the house - and anywhere else I am - looking for things to give a new lease of life. And I was so pleased with the end result that the box now sits in my bathroom being very useful storing loo rolls and cleaning products while looking lovely!

Initially I was just going to use the Heirloom and Lace colours.

But I noticed on the DecoArt website how many colour variants you can make by mixing the ones you have....and I have a few!! So I thought I'd try blending a few colours to see what happened. I got the rich dark chocolate by mixing 3 parts Rustic Brown with 1 part Carbon Black...Loved it! 

Hubby very kindly removed the box lid by taking off the hinges and arms that brace to keep the lid up. I gave the whole box/ lid a coat of the Lace then secured the Classic Quatrefoil stencil to the front of the box using a low tack tape so I didn't damage the first coat of paint and to mask of the areas I wanted to protect.

I started from the centre and worked my way out using the sponge dabbers which I find are a lot easier to use than stencil brushes, give a better colour blend and you don't have to 'pounce' quite so hard either. Starting with the lace in the middle I then added a darker colour each time until the darkest colour which I'd mixed myself, just in the corners.  
  I attached the 'Parisian Street' stencil to the box lid (there are crosses on the stencil to make the mid point which I lined up with the marks I'd put to identify the middle of the lid). I did the same as with the main box attaching the stencil and masking off the outside then painting from the lightest colour out to the dark, though more in lines than the circular pattern I'd used on the front. 

 And Voila!!!!

Here are a variety of pics in various lighting which I hope          show it well.
Go on, have a go!!!

 Feel free to leave a comment if you'd like to ask a question or just want to know more! 
 Have a good weekend all. Suz xxx

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