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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Journal 52, week 22 - cards

This was a tricky prompt to start with. So I just took out a box of children's foam playing cards that I bought for 75p in a sale somewhere (one of those 'oh they'll come in useful' purchases, lol). I initially looked at using the Queen of Hearts but the picture was a bit naff. I then looked at the Ace of hearts. I decided the heart in the middle could be a mouth - and I built up the rest of the page from there, trying not too think about it too much!.

I painted over the foam card with white Gesso. Once dry I used a Micron pen to form a mouth around the central heart. Then I drew in the rest of the face, coloured the eyes with a Sharpie marker and used a white Sakura pen to add highlights to the eyes and mouth.Beside it is a pic of another Ace so you get an idea of how they were before the painting.

 I drew in the neckline and highlighted the other hearts and the upside down A.
Once I was happy with the face I added it to a spare card made me think the face looked framed with hair. I added 'earrings' and some writing. 

 I roughly placed the card onto a journal page and worked out where I wanted to paint some fowers so they were beneath the card. Took off the card, completed the background and then added it back in in as the focal point. Before taking the final pic at the top I cleaned up the A and heart a little and extended the shoulder line to fully meet up with the card. I really liked the way it turned out. And I was very pleased to finally find a use for one of the foam cards.....only another 53 to go!
Suz xxx

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