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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Dennis the Dragon

So at long last Dennis the Dragon is finished. And here's how I made him.

Just for a bit of fun one day, I grabbed a scrap piece of cardboard and started sketching a dinosaur head, as you do.
I applied crackle paint and sculpted it inside my sketch line using a pallet knife.
Once dry I started washing colour over him, but his skin was a bit thin in places, I wanted more texture, depth and crackle.  So  I applied a second layer in areas where it was too thin (and so very tiny crackles).
This dried leaving a brill 3D effect of big peeling cracks which were prefect for Dennis.
I applied washes of watered down Yellow Iron Oxide, touches of diluted Quinacridone(Quin)Gold, Quin Red and Quin Burnt Orange and Sap Green.  Once dry I began to wash over again with Prussian Blue Hue.

To sculpt his horns and eye,I used a pallet knife and white modelling paste and a dotting tool.

I Painted the whole background with white Gesso, then with a mixture of the red and gold paints used in step 1.

I applied Carbon Black paint to his horns. Then a mixture of red, gold, black and white to his eye. I also added more gold highlights to the fiery background and touches to the horns.

To give his eye a glassy look and add dimension I added liquid glass.

I worked on his eye a bit more, adding more crackle, and some then began working on the horns, adding PVA glue to start with (see info further down about what else I added to the glue).I also gave him some sparkly knashers to bite with....

Around his horns I added Cosmic Shimmer Glue, then Stampendous  Aged Ochre and Spice embossing enamels and melted them with a heat gun. When you heat this glue it bubbles up ad gives a texture I love, especially when melting embossing powders, etc to it! Some specks got onto other areas, I was fine with that.

And here is finished Dennis the Dragon...a bit buckled, after all he is only on a bit of scrap cardboard, and I used a lot of wet products and watery washes. Maybe I'll have a go again some time on canvas.
Thanks for looking.